Vitamix CIA Pro Series VS. Ninja Professional Blender


Both blenders are superior when it comes to pulverizing whole fruits and vegetables as well as crushing ice.  Both blenders are “infomercial” worthy blenders.  The following is a detailed unbiased comparison of the Vitamix CIA Pro Series and Ninja Pro Blender

If you like smoothies, and fiber is important in your diet then the Vitamix™ blender has traditionally been the only go to blender on the market.  However, a recent brand to enter the blender market is proving to be a worthy opponent — the NinjaKitchen™ line of blenders, which has made an entrance at a very competitive price point.

Using the table below what the Vitamix lacks in price, it makes up for with its established brand, which it backs up with its superior 7 year warranty.  The Ninja Professional does have a larger pitcher and a unique patented blade assembly.

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Vitamix 1709 CIA Pro Series Ninja Professional NJ600
Model [easyazon_image align=”center” height=”110″ identifier=”B002KAPEPE” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”kitllc-20″ width=”110″ cart=”n”][br]Hover over image for live pricing [br](Adblock must be paused)   [easyazon_image align=”center” height=”110″ identifier=”B003VWXXXK” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”kitllc-20″ width=”110″ cart=”n”][br]Hover over image for live pricing [br](Adblock must be paused)
Warranty 7 year warranty 1 year limited warranty
Motor 120Volts, 60HZ, 11.5 Amps, 1400 Watts, 2 peak HP, Radial cooling and thermal protection system  8 amps, 1000 watt 2.5 HP (at zero load)
Pitcher Size 64 oz, BPA free 72 oz, BPA free
Speeds Variable speed dial, 37,000 rpm (600 revolutions per second) 3 speeds, 24,000 RPM
Extra items include: Tamper, DVD, 2 Recipe booklets  N/A
Materials  Stainless steel base  Plastic
Footprint & Height Dimensions 8.75″ D x 7.25″ W x 20.5″ Tall 8.5″ D x 6″ W x 17.25″ Tall 
Blades  4 blades (single plane), laser cut stainless steel Patented 6 blade multi-stage stainless steel blades 
In Unit Cord Storage  No, 6 feet Yes, 2 feet
Dishwasher Safe Parts No. Pitcher, Lid, Blade assembly
Key Differences Superior warranty and higher price point. Economical and powerful option, less extensive warranty.
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Vitamix is clearly the industry leader in this category. Vitamix blenders are made in U.S.A. and the company is currently led by the grandson of original founder William G. “Papa” Bernard.  The warranty and craftsmanship of Vitamix is second to none.  What Vitamix has in reputation and heritage, Ninja does lack as a newcomer on the scene that has yet to prove itself over a long duration.  However, there are no signs that Ninja is not up to the task.


Vitamix is clearly the winner with its 7 year warranty vs Ninja’s 1 year limited warranty.  Extended warranties are also available from Vitamix.


The Vitamix motor seems to be slightly more robust and higher quality than the Ninja NJ600 but not by much.  As you can see above the Vitamix motor has 11.5 amps, 1,400 watts, and features a radial cooling and thermal protection system.  The Ninja motor is comparable but not as powerful at 8 amps and 1,000 watts.


Up until Price there is no category that Vitamix does not seem to beat the Ninja model.  Live pricing can be viewed by hovering over most links in this article (adblock must be paused first).  At the time of this writing, the Ninja blender was about $400 cheaper than the Vitamix.  While Vitamix does edge out the Ninja in all categories but price, Ninja clearly is the clear winner in terms of price.  If price is a consideration then there really is no comparison.  However, If quality construction, reputation, and warranty are bigger concersn, then the Vitamix is a clear winner.  



Vitamix 1709

The Vitamix 1709 comes with a tamper for thicker mixtures 2 recipe booklets and a DVD.  If you want to take your cue from professional chefs, this is the blender that they use.  It comes in 4 colors including Red, Brushed Stainless, Onyx, and Platinum.

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Ninja Professional NJ600

The NJ600 is a 3 speed professional model, with many of the same attributes as the flagship Ninja Ultima™.  Top of the list is the patented multi-stage 6 blade technology, which is unique to the Ninja series.  It has the ability to emulsify, blend whole fruits and vegetables, and turn ice into snow.  The NJ600 is not quite as powerful, yet still puts out an extremely respectable 24,000 rpm.  On the plus side, it is significantly less expensive than the Vitamix CIA.

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