Pierre Gagnaire’s Net Worth & Salary 2018


Pierre Gagnaire is widely known as one of the most popular and sucessful French chef’s in the world. He is an innovator at the forefront of the modern fusion cuisine movement. Pierre was born April 9, 1950 in Apinac, France. He married his wife, Sylvie Le Bihan in 2007.

Gagnaire started his career with winning three Michelin Stars, known as one of the most prestigious culinary awards. His mission is to run future-facing restaurants while being respectful of the past. In 2015 Pierre won the Best Chef in the World award and a few of his restaurants have been featured in the World’s Top 50 Restaurants lists over the years.

Gagnaire owns or is affiliated with numerous restaurants, including Sketch in London and Twist in Las Vegas among many others. He has also appeared on the TV show, Iron Chef.

In 2018, we estimated that Piereo Gagnaire’s net worth is around $9 million with an annual salary and income of $1.2 million.