Omega J8006 Review


One of the most popular juicing brands is Omega and of all the juicer’s Omega makes the J8006 “Nutrition Center” juice extractor is its most popular juicer (at the time of this writing).  Is all the hype warranted?

Omega 8006 Close Up

The Omega J8006 is especially a favorite of people who are hardcore juicing enthusiasts.  You know the people.  The ones who juice wheatgrass to get extra chlorophyl?  “It’s like liquid sunshine.”

There are plenty of health conscious people who think it’s important to juice.  Some have an active lifestyle while others are not necessarily crazy into healthy living, but are trying to make change.  The general public often will buy a standard centrifugal juicer at a big box store.  However, the people that grow their own dinosaur kale just for juicing – the ones that know their stuff, use a masticating juicer.  Most juice bars do the same.  As far as masticating juicers go, at the time of this writing, this is the most popular masticating juicer on the market.  

So the J8006 is the most popular masticating juicer and it is the most popular Omega juicer (again, at the time of this writing.)  Just why is what we want to find out.  

By the way, this Omega J8006 review is actually two reviews in one.  The J8006 and the J8004 are the exact same juicer just in different colors.  Anything said below about the Omega J8006, also applies to the Omega J8004. 

Anything said below about the Omega J8006, also applies to the Omega J8004. 

For more information see Available Colors below.


Omega J8006 Features

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    • High Juice Yield
    • 1.5″ Feed Chute
    • Extremely Versatile (nut butters, wheatgrass, etc)
    • Continuous juicing with Efficient Pulp Ejection
    • GE ultem auger and screen (8x stronger than plastic)
    • 150 watt 3,600 RPM motor
    • Gear reduction transmission to 80 RPM equal to 2HP
    • Quiet operation
    • 15 year warranty – the highest of any juicer
    • Very easy cleanup and assembly


“How does 80 RPM compare and what does it mean?”   The specs above may might be Greek to some people.   Each item is covered in detail below, but here is the bottom line.

The J8006 is a slow masticating juicer meaning the juice yield and efficiency is going to be excellent.  Here’s why.  It is extremely versatile.  It can juice wheatgrass and leafy greens as well as do a lot of other things (see Versatility below).  It is manufactured by one of the most popular brands, and it’s quality and craftsmanship is evidence by the fact it has the longest warranty in the industry at 15 years.




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Specifially the J8006 is a a horizontal single auger dual-stage masticating juicer.  That’s a mouthful, but is simple enough to understand as you will see.  Also, The J8006 is the 4th generation horizontal masticating juicer in the Omega line and  the successor to the 3rd gen. model, the 8005.

A Masticating is a chewing or crushing juicer.  Instead of relying fast moving blades to shred produce, the masticating juicer uses a large gear to slowly grind and crush the juice out of produce.

Because the Juice Screen is cone shaped (see below), the pulp is continuously packed into a tighter and tighter chamber squeezing the juice out in the process.  The pulp that comes out of the J8006 is very dry.  Centrifugal juicers are just not going to be as efficient as a a masticating juicer.

A centrifugal juicers gets a split-second shot at extracting juice from the pulp.  Fast spinning blades shred food and send the pulp flying away a milli-second later.

By contrast, a masticating juicer makes continuous extended contact with the pulp both squeezing and crushing it to extract more and more juice. This also means the process is slower, a common critique from the centrifugal juicing crowd. However, the result is very efficient.

In the diagram below, you can see the single auger or gear. In a “twin auger” machine the produce is crushed between two augers.  In a single auger juicer produce is crushed against the side of the screen wall (not pictured).

J8006 Auger

8006 Diagram
Seen here: single auger, horizontal, masticating system.

Note: To fully display the auger in it’s horizontal orientation, the juicing screen is not pictured above.  This juice screen is what creates a wall for the auger to crush food against.

The dark green arrows represent the produce going through the machine.
The light green arrows represent juice falling through the screen (not shown) and out the juice spout.  

Notice that the produce moves through the machine horizontally hence horizontal masticating juicer.

The screen (pictured below) has two screens which is why it is called a dual stage juicer.  The first screen (first stage) captures juice when it is initially crushed and can be seen as a lip sticking out to the left.  The second screen allows juice to fall through as the pulp is squeezed tightly through the cone and can be seen as the cylindrical metal screen at the end.


Pictured on Right:  The cone shaped screen squeezes pulp tighter and tighter before it’s exposed to the second stage screen.

This is why all the Omega 8004 and 8006 models are known as “horizontal single auger, dual stage, masticating juicers.”  

All the Omega juicers in the 8000 series are single auger horizontal masticating juicers.



Motor & Speeds

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The J8004 and J8006 have a 150 watt motor that runs on 110 volts.

Just as important as the motor is the transmission made from steel gears.  The gear transmission takes the 3,600 RPM axel speed and reduces it by a factor of 45 to 80 RPM.  This results in an enormous amount of “gear” or torque.  In fact the power is equivalent to 2HP.

This juice is also comes in a 220V/50-60Hz model  – the Omega 8226 



Parts & Functionality

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Parts are well crafted.  There is a 15 year warranty on all parts.  See Warranty below.  Also see Material and Construction for information about the substance the juicer is made out of.

Assembly is an easy in 4 step process:

Step 1: Use the “open” and “close” guide arrows to lock the clear drum onto the base
Step 2: Insert the Auger until a clicking noise is heard
Step 3: Insert the screen over the auger
Step 4: Use the “open” and “close” guide arrows to lock the drum cap onto the end of the drum.  That’s it!

Included Parts:

All 8006 parts
Pictured (left to right, top to bottom): 

  • Drum cap
  • Motor unit
  • Pulp and juice containers
  • Staging dish
  • Blank cone
  • Filter screen
  • Drum cap
  • 6 nozzles
  • Auger
  • Food pusher
  • Cleaning brush


Feeding Chute

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The feed chute is 1.5 wide round diameter.  This does mean, especially compared to wide-mouth centrifugal juicers, that more chopping and prep work is required to get produce to fit into the feed chute.

If you would still like a masticating juicer that can juice leafy greens and wheat grass, Omega did introduce a larger feed chute in a later models.


About the Auger

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8006 AugerThe Auger is the most important part of this juicer.  It is the heart of the machine and how juice is extracted. Because of it’s importance Omega crafted it from GE Ultem – a sophisticated super strong type of polycarbonate that is 8x stronger than normal plastic.  The crushing action of the auger is also what gives it its versatility to do things such as grind coffee.

Many people often think they have received a defective juicer because there is some play in the auger while it rotates causing the entire drum assembly to rotate.  This is actually perfectly normal.  The auger and housing flex to increase its strength just like a bridge may be designed to flex.  Also the auger does not sit perfectly flush against the motor base.  This is normal.


Juices Continuously?

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Yes. The Omega J8006 does juice continuously!

Few centrifugal juicers juice continuously.  The Breville Juice Fountain models, for example, are designed to eject pulp efficiently, but most do not.

Centrifugal models sling pulp everywhere violently inside the internal housing.  Masticating juicers on the other hand (and the J8006 is no different) eject pulp neatly and with near 100% efficiency.  This means once you start juicing you do not have to stop and restart to clean out the juicer.



Material & Construction

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If there is any downside or complaint about the J8006 masticating juicer it is the polycarbonate plastic construction.

The body of J8006 is chrome plated plastic and the body of the J8004 is white plastic.  The transmission inside the body contains metal gears.  All of the parts that actually come into contact with food are heavy-duty plastic.  The screen and auger are especially heavy (see About the Auger below).

Omega horizontal juicers are made in Korea.



Is it BPA Free?

No.  The Omega J8006 polycarbonate is not BPA free.  The two successors to the 8006, the Omega 8007 and Omega NC900 however are BPA free.  

Despite not being BPA free “contact time” is something to consider.  The time the food and the plastic come into contact in a juicer such as the Omega j8006 may be 5 to 15 seconds max.  By contrast the contact time in a blender could be several minutes not to mention that this sometimes happens while ice is bombarding the plastic at high speeds.  Have you noticed the plastic of a blender pitcher can get cloudy over time?  

The longer the contact time the greater the possibility that leaching might occur. When you weigh the risk of chemical transfer during the juicing process against the overall health benefits from juicing, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Priming the body regularly with freshly juiced wheatgrass, for example, is going to put one in a much better position to deal with a lot of toxic chemicals that a person may encounter during the course of his or her day, not just plastic exposure.

One downside is that you pretty much have to use the specially made plastic containers that catch the juice and pulp.  For example, you can not use your own glass jars very well because they do not fit.  It is entirely possible to experiment and find suitable glass or porcelain bowls that would work nicely – especially if you were to find square-shaped dishes like the containers that are included with the J8006.



User Friendliness

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The Omega J8006 is one of the easiest juicers to assemble and use on the market.  Not only that it is extremely versatile (see below).  In no way is user friendliness an issue here.



Juicing Performance

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This is by far one of the best videos online.  It covers assembly, disassembly, parts, and live juicing demonstration.  Some more professional reviews have a surprising amount of misinformation.  When it comes to juicing performance it is good to see the juicer actually in action.

Less oxidation means better nutrient quality…

Since the Omega J8006 rotates at only 80 rpm it produces very little foam or “froth.”  That means less oxidation.

Juice in Mason JarsOxidation, not the minimal amount of heat that occurs from juicing, is the number one culprit when it comes to the deterioration in the nutritional quality of the juice.  The more oxidation that occurs the less nutritional quality the juice will have.  Because of the slow action of most masticating juicers, including the J8006, less oxidation is introduced.  Essentially this means that you can store the juice for longer.

The sooner juice is consumed after it is made the better the nutritional quality will be.  If you are going to store juice try to store it in air-tight containers such as jars with lids and definitely refrigerate them.  Filling the jars up as much as possible  before applying the lid also ensure that there is less oxidation.

Omega claims that juice made with the J8006 can be stored for up to 72 hours.



How Fast Can it Get the Job Done?

As far as exactly how long it takes, reports vary depending no what you are juicing and how much.  Clean up is pretty fast and has been timed in under 2 minutes.

The Omega J8006 does require prep work and chopping since the feed chute is 1.5″ wide.

  • 1 apple chopped – 45 seconds.
  • 16oz to 20oz of juice (hard and soft produce) including clean-up – 15 to 20 minutes.
  • 48oz of juice including clean-up – 30 to 40 minutes



8006 chartVersatility

The Omega J8006 is extremely versatile.  Not only can it juice wheatgrass and leafy greens, but with the homogenizer and different nozzle attachments you can do so much more!

With J8006 homogenizer you can also make:

  • salsa
  • nut butters
  • pasta
  • grind coffee
  • make fresh frozen desserts
  • grind spices
  • mince herbs
  • mince garlic
  • make soy milk
  • make fresh natural baby food
  • make coconut butter

The different nozzles allow you to make angel hair, spaghetti, linguini and more.


Nut Butters

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The Omega J8006 does make all-natural nut butters such as peanut butter.  The all-natural peanut butter you make in your masticating juicer is not going to be as creamy as what is bought in the store because store-bought nut butters have extra oils added to them.


Soft Fruits & Berries

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The J8006 does not juice soft fruits and berries very well (neither do centrifugal juicers – they do best in the blender), but it does juice them.


Wheat Grass

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8006 wheatgrassYes! The J8006 does juice wheat grass well.  It may not juice wheat grass as well as juicers specifically made for wheatgrass, but it does do it well, and certainly better than a centrifugal juicer would.

Note that it is best to push through a good size clump to give the auger something to mash against.  It isn’t necessary to put so much that it jams up in the feed chute, but putting in just a few sprigs that fall right through is not going to have as good of a yield as a good clump that the auger can mash against.


Leafy Greens (Kale)

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Yes!  The J8006 certainly excels at juicing leafy greens.  There are videos on Youtube of people cutting up their leafy greens into very small pieces to feed into the J8006.  Not only is this not necessary, it deteriorates the juice yield.  You can save time but doing less chopping and get more yield.


Pine Needles

Pine Needles?  Certain pine needles are edible and have a delicious minty flavor.  They are also packed with vitamin C and anti-oxidants.  A clump of pine needles will juice well in the J8006!

Tip: mixing up items to give the juicer different textures aids in juicing performance.  Instead of juicing all of your apples then all of your kale, put in a piece of kale followed by a piece of apple until you are done.  

It is not suggested that you run the juicer “dry” without any food in it.  Do not turn your juicer on until you have fully prepared all the food you want to juice and are ready to go!


Clean Up

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As long as you disassemble and clean this juicer immediately after you are done using it, cleaning could not be simpler.  It literally will only take a few seconds under the faucet to rinse each item off.  You will be very hard pressed to find a juicer of any kind on the market that is easier to clean.

The only thing that takes a bit of extra care is the screen on the juicing filter.  It is not as hard to clean as the filter on some centrifugal models.  Be sure to give a good scrub with the included scrubbing brush in order to prevent dried bits of pulp from clogging it up.  When that happens the juice yield deteriorates.

Every once in a while deep cleaning such as soaking the juicing screen in a mixture of cascade and water may be necessary to get rid of clogged pores or juice dye stains.



Dishwasher Safe?

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Omega does not specific whether the parts are dishwasher safe it literally only takes a few seconds to run the parts under the faucet to clean them off.  Many people report that they immediately reassemble and leave their juicer assembled on the counter so that they are more likely to use it.  Some users do report washing parts in the top rack of the dishwasher with no problems.



Attention to Detail

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This is the 4th generation horizontal masticating juicer that Omega has produced.  They are getting good at it.  It does have a bit of a dated 50’s looking style and aesthetic.  Subsequent models have a more updated modern look.  Some may prefer the dated styling.  Cosmetics are a small matter when it comes to the quality of the juicer itself.

The manufacturing and craftsmanship is high enough that Omega stands by the J8006 with a 15 year warranty (see warranty information below).



Manufacturer & Customer Service

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Omega was founded in 1985 by Robert Leo who was in business before that for 20 years running another juicing company.  Though ownership has changed hands, there has never been a deterioration in quality.

This Omega customer service is below. They are open M-F 8:30 to 5pm EST

  • 800-633-3401
  • 717-561-1105

They are located in Pennsylvania.  This is the Contact Page to their website.

They do respond and are helpful.

They also have an active engaging Facebook and Twitter pages – additional signs that they are not a fly by night company.




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Omega offers a 15 year warranty.  15 years!  That is the longest warranty in the industry.  Having a 15 year warranty significantly adds to the lifetime value of the J8006 making it into a true investment.  If the motor breaks after 12 years they will replace it.

A 15 year warranty is huge!  It’s also an upgrade with the Omega J8006.  Previous models offered a 10 year warranty (which is still really good).

The fine print (aka “save your receipts!”): “All claims must include: make, model number, serial number, proof of purchase (dated receipt), month and year of installation, authorized equipment dealer and all pertinent information supporting the claim prior to the issuance of a warranty claim number.”

I highly highly recommend you register your juicer as well.




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6.5”W x 14.5”D X 15.5”H.  

The height includes the feed chute spout.  Without the feed chute, the height is 8.5″ high.

Customer Reviews

There are over 2,000 reviews on Amazon making it an extremely popular juicer.  It is against Amazon policy to quote reviews or star ratings since those numbers can change!  We do not want to be misleading so check the reviews for yourself here!

[notice ] A note about reviews. We at KitchenBlossom can not be of any service at all if we do not provide genuine unbiased information. A considerable amount of research is conducted for each review.  To be as helpful as possible, we only consider reviews verified purchases. The payoff for people with a self-interest to game review system is just too high to believe that it doesn’t happen. I do read the “most helpful” reviews online, but mostly I read hundreds of the “most recent” reviews. The problem with the “most helpful” reviews is they get suck at the top by nature of already being at the top and then getting even more votes. Funnily enough many of the “most helpful” reviews that get stuck at the top are not verified purchases!  Even if a review is old or outdated it can stay at the top.  The “most recent” reviews are more likely to be reviews from real people who have recently purchased the product and given their honest feedback. [/notice]



Available Colors

Omega J8006 and J8004
Chrome J8006 (left) & White J8004 (right)

The 4th generation Omega comes in chrome and black (J8006) and white (J8004).



Pros & Cons

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product name pros


  • Extremely versatile and efficient juicer.  Whatever fits in the feed chute pretty much can be juiced and juiced well resulting in very dry pulp.  In addition can do so much more than just juice!
  • High torque motor.  Significant (45x) gear reduction produces the equivalent of 2 HP at 80 RPM.
  • Slow RPM process introduces less oxidation
  • 4 main parts are easy to clean and assemble
  • Quiet operation
  • Longest warranty in the industry – 15 years!
  • Excellent brand.

product name cons


  • 1.5 inch diameter feed chute.  Prep work and chopping required.
  • Slower juicing action takes a bit longer to process produce.
  • Polycarbonate plastic construction that is not BPA free
  • Can be as expensive as later more advanced Omega models that include improvements such as adjustable end cap, BPA free plastics, and larger feed chute.  Check current pricing.




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Current Price on Amazon

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Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer
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Brand Omega
Model#/MPN J8006
Type of Juicer Masticating (Horizontal/Single Auger)
Size of Feed Chute 1.5″ dia.
Juicing Speed 80 RPM/td>
Motor 150 watts
Warranty 15 year
Dimensions 6.5”W x 14.5”D X 15.5”H
Weight approx. 17lbs
Dishwasher Safe Not Reported
Juices Continuously [icon color=”#00C800″ size=”16″ type=”icon-ok” unit=”px” ]
Makes Nut Butters [icon color=”#00C800″ size=”16″ type=”icon-ok” unit=”px” ]
Wheatgrass [icon color=”#00C800″ size=”16″ type=”icon-ok” unit=”px” ]
Leafy Greens [icon color=”#00C800″ size=”16″ type=”icon-ok” unit=”px” ]
Grind Coffee [icon color=”#00C800″ size=”16″ type=”icon-ok” unit=”px” ]
Other Functions Salsa, Baby food, Pasta
UPC 737416080066
Key Feature  

4th generation Omega Horizontal Masticating Juicer extremely versatile and functional. Market leader in it’s class.


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Juice Fountain Plus vs. Omega J8006
Juice Fountain Multi-Speed vs Omega J8006
More Information  

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