Layla Luciano Net Worth, Salary & Income 2018 – 2019


Layla Luciano is a fitness and dances professionally in New York, New York. She specializes in rigorous training due to her background in Karate and boxing. She has been in the working out for a very long time now. She entered the fitness world in over a decade ago, and she has never looked back. Her career has been on the trajectory and has been an inspiration to many aspiring to take fitness and dancing as a profession.

Layla Luciano has carved a niche in a business that is very hard to penetrate. The competition in the industry is so rife that for one to succeed, they have to prove to the world that they are the best in what they do. Her personal policy is being disciplined, have an excellent work ethics and be self-aware in whatever you do. Layla Luciano religiously follows what she teaches. She is always encouraging her students to look beyond personal goals and instead look at the way it motivates one to be disciplined and motivated.

Her exploits in the fitness world have not gone unnoticed; she owns a training complex that goes with her name. Currently, she is working at the Barry’s Bootcamp Fitness center. Her career success has made her continue learning the trade. With over 19 years of experience in fitness, she doubles that up by having a third-degree black belt I karate. She comes highly recommended as she is exquisite at what she does. She is currently among the most sought after trainer by Fitness brands because of the messages that she offers to her trainees.

As of 2015, Layla Luciano was estimated at around $1Million. This is not bad for a fitness trainer. Her stock is also on the rise since she entered the Work out New York TV show. In the show, she is competing with other coaches for celebrity clients. Layla Luciano is also one of the most admired coach and her reputation as a selfless person precedes her. Her determination and iron will is something to be admired by many.