Does Juicing Lower Cholesterol?


Living a healthy lifestyle requires changes to normal dietary habits.  Although juicing is a start, it is not the only factor involved in living a healthier life.  When concerns related to cholesterol levels arise, there is a right way and a wrong way to juice.

Impact on Cholesterol:

Juicing can help lower cholesterol, but only when it is combined with other lifestyle changes. The reason juicing can help is due to the plant sterols and nutrition found in the juices. Although it will have a slight impact on cholesterol, it needs to maintain some pulp for the maximum effect and should only be part of the dietary changes, not the sum total of changes.

The Importance of Fiber

Vitamix BlenderFruits and vegetables are part of a naturally healthy diet plan. The fiber in the fruits and vegetables is the key to lowering cholesterol because it helps reduce the amount of fat absorbed by food and pushes it out of the body naturally.

Since some of the fiber is removed while juicing fruits and vegetables, it is only effective against cholesterol when pulp is still part of the drink. Keeping some of the pulp will provide a fiber without making it hard to add fruits and vegetables to a diet.

Ninja UltimaAn alternative to juicing is to liquify produce using a pulverizing blender like the Vitamix or Ninja Ultima thereby retaining the fiber rich pulp.  These types of blenders are very effective at creating delicious juice drinks out of fruits and vegetables.  However, unlike a conventional juicer that separates juice from pulp, a blender does not remove the pulp and and the important cholesterol lowering fiber.

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Other Healthy Changes:

Since juicing will help lower cholesterol and improve overall health due to the nutrients, plant sterols and fiber, it is a healthy addition to the doctors suggestions for personal health. Beyond making the change to add fruit and vegetable juice to a daily diet, it is also important to include other dietary and lifestyle changes.

Lowering cholesterol to healthy levels will require a high-fiber diet and a reduction of saturated and trans-fats. Although suggestions for fiber can vary slightly, the best goal to aim for in a normal diet is at least 30 grams of fiber per day. That fiber should include both soluble and insoluble fiber to get the maximum benefit. That means adding oatmeal, whole grains and whole fruits and vegetables to the diet plan.

Beyond the fiber, cutting back on saturated and trans-fats will help. Trans-fats are commonly found in margarine, cookies, candies, crackers and similar foods. If the food is packed in a box, then it is likely to have trans-fats. Limit packaged foods and sweets to help cut back on the amount of fat in the diet. The same is true of meats with high saturated fat content. Opt for lean cuts of meat, fish or chicken instead.

Exercise is another helpful tool to lower cholesterol and get health back on track. Exercise lowers the bad cholesterol levels while increasing the good, which is protective to the heart.

High Fiber Recipe Books

500 high fiber recipes

500 High Fiber RecipesA high-fiber cookbook that is good for the heart and gives you practically the most variety of any cookbook on the market. 500 High-Fiber Recipesproves that upping fiber doesn’t mean cutting flavor, or spending hours in the kitchen on complicated recipes.

Packed with everything from savory stews to sweet treats, readers get high-fiber versions of foods they thought they had to give up like breads, pasta dishes, and desserts. It’s easy to stay the high-fiber course when readers find chapters dedicated to every craving imaginable including international cuisines, from Cajun and Mexican to Italian and Asian.

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1,001 Heart Healthy Recipes

1001 Hearth Healthy RecipesA compilation of Dick Logue’s two popular books, 500 High-Fiber Recipes and 500 Low-Cholesterol Recipes1,001 Heart Healthy Recipes brings you all the nutritious recipes you could ever need for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, from light and fresh main dishes to guilt-free snacks and desserts. Whether you’re following a low-cholesterol diet based on the doctor’s order, or simply just looking to eat healthier and drop a few pounds, 1,001 Heart Healthy Recipes gives you limitless options for delicious, easy-to-prepare meals, including recipes for foods you thought you had to give up forever, such as Deep Dish Pizza, Enchiladas, and Devil’s Food Cake. With fast-and-fresh choices at your fingertips, staying the heart-healthy course is easier than ever!


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High Fiber Diet Book

High Fiber Diet BookEnjoy the benefits by incorporating a diet rich in fiber.

Why eat high fiber diets or high fiber foods?

High fiber diets can prevent and treat constipation , hemorrhoids , diverticulitis , and irritable bowel syndrome . Eating a high fiber diet can also help improve your cholesterol levels, reduce your risk of coronary heart disease , reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and help with weight loss.

In High Fiber Diet Book: The High Fiber Cookbook, High Fiber Diets, High Fiber Foods & High Fiber Recipes, you will learn various recipes incorporating high fiber foods that will help you improve your overall health as well as help you reap fiber specific benefits.

Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner you will learn about high fiber recipes for all meals that are rich in fiber and also taste.

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