Juicing is a useful way to incorporate more natural sources of vitamins and minerals into a diet, but it does come with some potentially annoying problems as well. Gas and bloating are commonly reported when men and women start juicing. The reason is primarily related to the vegetables or fruits used in juicing, so it is possible to continue drinking fruit and vegetable juices without facing the uncomfortable symptoms.

Causes of Gas From Juicing

The first of developing gas or bloating after juicing are related to the type of fruits or vegetables used in the juice.

Cause #1: Natural Sugar

In many cases, fruit juices have a high level of natural sugars. Some fruits, such as prunes and pears, also contain a type of sugar called sorbitol. That sugar can cause gas and bloating due to the bacteria in the digestive system. The human body is not able to use sorbitol, but bacteria can feed on the sugar and produce a gas.

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