Buying a Refurbished (Remanufactured) Breville Juice Fountain Elite


Individuals all over the world have turned to juicing in order to increase the number of critical vitamins and minerals they consume on a daily basis. The key to ensuring juicing is a habit that sticks for life is choosing the proper juicer machine.


Factory Certified Remanufactured Juice Fountain Elite New Juice Fountain Elite
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Warranty 3 month limited warranty.(2 year square trade warranty available for $10.96) 1 year limited warranty
Key Differences Inspected, remanufactured and certified by Breville. Manufactured new by Breville.


Further Details

Buying a certified remanufactured juicer is not the same as buying a used juicer.  Often consumers return products they recieved as gifts.  Retailers return these units to Breville.  Breville then thoroughly inspects the item, replaces any parts necessary and repackages the item.  Even though the item is repackaged the Breville does not try to pass it off for a new jiucer.  Instead of manufacturing number 800JEXL it goes by the part number RM-800JEXL.  We love certified remanufactured products because consumers are able to enjoy like new products at significant discounts.

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