Breville Juice Fountain Plus vs Hurom Slow Juicer

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The Breville Juice Fountain Plus is Breville’s basic centrifugal juicer model.  The Hurom Slow Juicer is a completely different type of juicer – a masticating juicer.  The Breville Juice Fountain Plus is a much faster more convenient model.  The Hurom Slow Juicer will oxidize juice less, cause little foam and probably deliver a higher yield and slightly higher quality juice. Please use the information below to help you make an informed buying decision.


Breville je98XL Juice Fountain Plus Hurom HU 100 Slow Juicer
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Amazon Rating Above 4 Stars[br]
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Above 4 Stars[br]
Read Full Reviews
Type of Juicer Centrifugal Vertical single auger masticating
Size of Feed Chute 3″ dia. Crescent Shaped Chute 2.25″ x 1.25″
Construction & Materials BPA Free Plastic BPA Free Plastic
Juicing Speed Low speed of 6,500 rpm[br]high speed of 12,000rpm 80 rpms
Motor 850 watts 150 watts
Warranty 1 year limited[br]3 year motor 1 year parts[br]
10 years motor
Dimensions 13.2 x 16.5 x 18.2 inches 9.8 x 6.8 x 15.8 inches
Weight 15 lbs 5 lbs
Juices Continuously?

In theory, yes…[br]See[br]Juicing Continuously Below

Makes Nut Butters? No Possibly.  See more information here.
GRADE: Wheatgrass D- A+
GRADE: Leafy Greens D- A
GRADE: Easy to Clean A A
GRADE: Prep Work[br](Chopping Vegetables) A+ D
Bottom Line Buy this model if:

  • Price is a consideration.
  • You enjoy a juicer that is powerful and easily handles hard fruits & veggies
  • You do not like to do a lot of chopping prep work.
  • You have an active busy lifestyle.
Buy this model if:

  • Want a quieter model that produces less mess
  • You want to juice wheatgrass or leafy greens
  • You want to make nut butters (peanut or almond butter)or even soy milk.
  • You want the best possible juice quality with the least oxidation.
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Further Details

The Breville Juice Fountain Plus and the Hurom Slow Juicer are two popular names in the juicing industry. Breville has a proven track record of creating quality products, while the makers of the Hurom Slow Juicer have promised to change the way people juice. Which product is right for you?

Centrifugal vs. Masticating

The Breville Juice Fountain Plus is a centrifugal juicer. This means that the machine juices fruits and vegetables by tearing it with blades, then spinning the juice to the edges of the machine.  Centrifugal juicers work very quickly. A liter of juice can be produced in less than five minutes. Because these juicers use a spinning motion to separate juice and pulp, the juice becomes slightly more oxidized than it would in a slower masticating juicer.

Oxidation is the biggest culprit that degrades the nutritional value of juice.  The fast rpms of centrifugal juicers create more oxidation than slower masticating juicers.  There is some debate that centrifugal juicers heat up and kill living enzymes.  However, independent studies show that the slight perhaps 10.0F increase in temperature will not have an effect on enzymes.  However oxidation is a major concern with all fresh juice.  To overcome this, it is important to drink juice as quickly as possible after it is juiced. 

The Hurom Slow Juicer is a masticating juicer. Masticating juicers use an auger to separate the pulp and juice. Most masticating juicers use a twin gear system.  Because this juicer uses a masticating approach, the juice has much less oxidation.  Both juicers work well for people strapped for time, but the Hurom “Slow” Juicer, is slower and also has a smaller feed chute so fruits and vegetables requires more chopping and prep work.  However, If you are concerned about juice oxidizing quickly and/or want to juice leafy greens, soft fruits such as berries, or juice leafy greens such as kale; the Hurom Slow Juicer would be the better choice.

Prep Work

The Breville Juice Fountain Plus has a wide feed tube. This tube is wide enough that most fruits and vegetables can be added to the juicer without being chopped. The Hurom Slow Juicer has a much smaller feed tube, so it requires extra time preparation time.  If chopping vegetables and fruit before you juice them is a hassle, choose the Breville Juice Fountain Plus.

Juicing Continuously

In theory the Juice Fountain Plus should juice continuously.  Food goes in one end, juice comes out the spout and pulp is collected in an external pulp container.  However, the pulp is not ejected into the pulp container with 100% efficiency.  While the pulp does build up quickly, it is easy enough to clean out.

Parts & Components

The blades of the Breville Juice Fountain Plus are made from stainless steel. The auger of the Hurom Slow Juicer is made from acrylic.  Stainless steel is a stronger material than acrylic.  The Breville Juice Fountain Plus is likely to be more durable than the Hurom Slow Juicer.  However, Breville offers a one year warranty, while Hurom offers two-year warranty and a 10-year motor warranty.

In the end, it is important to choose the juicer that will fit your lifestyle. The more convenient it is for you to juice, the more likely you are to do it.

View the Juice Fountain Plus on Amazon – Click Here.[br]

View the Hurom Slow Juicer on Amazon – Click Here

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.  We answer all questions within 24 hours!


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