Breville BJE510XL IKON Multi-Speed Juicer Review


The Breville Juice Fountain Multi-Speed Ikon is a 3rd generation juicer from Breville line of juicers.  It succeeds the Juice Fountain Plus and the Juice Fountain Elite.  Some have said the 2-speed Juice Fountain Elite is too fast on high and too slow on low. As the name suggests the BJ510XL Multi-Speed has multiple speeds – 5 speeds with the claim that more speeds optimizes juice yield. We’ll explore that and more below.

BJE510XL-Multi-Speed-SquareBreville has built upon their success Following the release of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, a wildly popular documentary about juicing that featured the Breville Juice Fountain Plus model.  Since the release of the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, Breville has released 4 other centrifugal models – 5 if you include the discount Compact Juice Fountain.

The BJE510XL introduced upgraded styling and five speeds.

Breville is certainly good at marketing it’s products, which makes it even more important to conduct an unbiased review.  All source material in conducting this review was gathered from independent 3rd party unbiased research.  As well, the only reviews (opinions) that were read were from verified purchases.


Breville BJE510XL Features

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The BJE510XL Multi-Speed Juicer retains the same basic features of the Juice Fountain Plus:

Standard Features

  • Patented 3″ wide feed chute
  • Capable of juicing at up to 12,500 RPM
  • 1.2 (slightly larger) juice jug with froth separator
  • Italian made mesh filter basket with 40,000 pores
  • Safety Locking Arm

Upgraded Features

  • Smart Chip Technology
  • 900 watt motor (upgraded from 850 in the Juice Fountain Plus)
  • 5 variable speeds (upgraded from 2 speeds)
  • Dishwasher safe top cover (The top cover in the Juice Fountain Plus is NOT dishwasher safe despite tons of misinformation on the internet)
  • Titanium Reinforced steel cutting blades.  These are the same blades that come with the Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL model.




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The BJE510Xl IKON Multi-Speed is a centrifugal juicer.  Centrifugal juicers work by shredding produce with an extremely fast spinning shredding disc.  The subsequent release of juice and shredded pulp  is propelled outward by the centrifugal force of the fast moving blades.  Juice drops through the holes of the filter basket, but pulp which can not pass through the tiny holes is flung up on over the side.

By its nature a centrifugal juicer is not going to juice as efficiently as a masticating juicer.  It also is not going to be as versatile as a masticating juicer.  For example centrifugal juicers are not as good extracting juice from leafy greens and wheatgrass as a masticating juicer is.  What a centrifgual juicer lacks in juice yield and versatility it makes up for in speed and convenience.

A centrifugal juicer is capable of producing a glass of juice much faster than a masticating juicer would.  When you combine that with the large 3″ feed chute that requires minimal chopping in order to begin juicing, centrifugal juicers are perfect for an individual with a busy active lifestyle.

Even with it’s versatility limitations there are still ways to increase the versatility of centrifugal juicers – see Juicing Performance below.



Motor & Speeds

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The Breville IKON Multi-speed has a 900 watt motor.  By comparison, the Juice Fountain Elite has a 1,000 watt motor and the Juice Fountain Plus has an 850 watt motor.

Both the Juice Fountain Plus nor Juice Fountain Elite have only 2 speeds.  All three models operate in a range from a low speed of 6,500 RPMs to about 12,500 RPM’s but the IKON Multi-Speed Juice Fountain also has 3 intermediate speeds between the lowest and highest speed.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 7.04.06 PMThe five speeds come with a digital digital display that reads as follows:

  • 5. High speed (12,500) RPM for Hard Vegetables
  • 4. Medium High for Apples
  • 3. Medium for Pineapple
  • 2. Medium Low for Citrus
  • 1. Low for Soft Foods (6,500 RPMs)

Smart chip technology: 
The BJE510XL has a microchip that delivers more power under heavy loads, however it does not have an overload reset switch that comes standard with the Juice fountain Elite.

The motor can be overloaded, if it is run on high for a prolonged period or if hard vegetables are pushed with excessive force through the feed chute.  Also if excessive pulp builds up inside the juice collector (filter housing) it can cause excessive motor strain.

Our research has indicated that the BJE510XL motor may not be of the same high quality motor that the Juice Fountain Plus and Juice Fountain Elite are known for.  More than one consumer has reported motor failure.  These reports are not common, but they are more common than similar reports about the Juice Fountain Plus or Juice Fountain Elite.

The Breville Multi-Speed juicer does not come with the same overload reset switch that the Juice Fountain Elite comes with.  One report claimed that their motor failed due to a blown fuse and the only possible way to fix it was to send it into the manufacturer.  The reset button featured on the Juice Fountain Elite model seems to be a circuit breaker that the Breville Ikon Multi-Speed does not have.  As a result when a fuse is overloaded the unit must be opened up and fixed by the manufacturer.



To go along with its multiple speeds, the Multi-Speed Ikon juicer features a digital LED display screen and a round speed selector knob.



Parts & Functionality

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There is a significant but subtle design difference in the Multi-Speed Juicer and other Breville models that has to do with the shape of the base.

The Juice Fountain Plus and Juice Fountain Elite have a a remarkably similar shape – see below.

Plus and Elite Diagram

The original (generation 1) Juice Fountain Plus had a cut away slot so that you could use your own container to catch the juice.  This is especially important for those that want to reduce their plastic exposure.

Juice Fountain Plus Space for Container
Juice Fountain Plus solution to the protruding lip

When Breville introduced it’s upgraded Juice Fountain Elite, the manufacturer had to take a step backward.  The all stainless steel construction prevented them from creating the cutout feature that the Juice Fountain Plus had.  To overcome this, Breville designed a specially shaped juice jug that would fit snuggly against the base.

The problem with this solution is that it pretty much obligates you to use the included plastic juice jug, which could also break if you drop it and increases plastic exposure although it is BPA free.

Juice Fountain Elite Juice Jug
Juice Fountain Elite solution to the protruding lip problem.

When Breville introduced the Ikon Multi-Speed Juice Fountain they did away with the problems caused by the protruding lip once and for all by creating a base with a completely different shape.

Also the Multi-Speed Ikon Juicer has the shape of a rounded square.


BJE510XL Ikon Multi-Speed no protruding lip.
BJE510XL Ikon Multi-Speed no protruding lip.

The Ikon Multi-Speed is also the only model that includes a unique spout tip to avoid splattering and direct juice into a container better.

bje510xl spout

The included spout works with the included juice jug (see picture below).

BjE510xl with juice jug and spout

The safety locking arm of the BJE510XL has also been redesigned and is easier to use and lock into place.

BJE510XL Safety locking arm

Assembly is a snap.  The safety locking arm prevents the unit from operating unless the cover is securely locked into place.

BJE510XL Ikon replacement parts are less expensive than the replacement parts for the Juice Fountain Elite.  For example, the juice collector (the top part with the spout) for the Elite costs $76.99, but is only $19.99 for the Ikon.  Oddly enough the top cover is slightly more expensive at $46.99 compared to  $32.99.  The nutridisk™ is $31,99, the juice jug and the food pusher are both $15.99, and the pulp collector is $9.99.

The replacement parts are available on Breville’s website (click here). 

The owner’s manual does indicates that the nutridisk/filter basket is not a permanenet part.  It needs to be replaced.  It has a 9 to 12 month lifespan depending on how often you juice.


Feed Chute

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BJE510XL Feed ChuteBreville often cites the 3″ (7.6 cm) wide feed chute as key feature.  This makes juicing even more convenient because less chopping and prep work is required.

All Breville models are already faster at the juicing process compared to masticating juicers.  However on top of that Breville models have a large mouth opening to make the process of juicing even faster.

With the feed chute you can place a medium sized apple whole or up to four carrots or more at the same time depending on the size.



Juices Continuously?

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The Ikon Multi-Speed does have an external pulp collector.  If The BJE510XL functions like other Breville models, it does eject pulp somewhat efficiently which is quite a feat for a centrifugal juicer.  Most centrifugal juicers do not eject pulp efficiently.  When this happens pulp builds up quickly around the blades necessitating that the machine be stopped so that the pulp can be cleaned out.

From the looks of the following video it appears that the machine is ejecting pulp pretty efficiently.  You can see some pulp building up on the top cover.

This video does a great job of demonstrating the advantages of having multiple speeds to juice different types of produce so you can judge for yourself if this is in fact a substantial feature.

Note: I would not recommend juicing spinach the way that is shown in this video.  Notice that nearly a half a bag of spinach is used for a small juice yield.  Instead it is best to sandwich leafy greens between two harder items such as between an apple cut in half.  That way the top apple cut firmly push the spinach against the cutting blades and the bottom apple can prevent single loose leaves from hitting the blades and getting blown away.

Placing a plastic bag in the pulp collector is a popular option to help make clean up easier.  If pulp is being used for composting or baking, the plastic bag could potentially be spared from the landfill, as wind-blown plastic bags often become ocean debris.


Material & Construction

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The Ikon Multi-Speed is not not an all steel construction like the Juice Fountain Elite.  Instead it is plastic with a stainless steel outer layer on both the motor base and the feed chute.  This is still an upgrade that is easier to clean and more sanitary than the all plastic construction of the Juice Fountain Plus.

The Juice collector (housing surrounding the filter blade) is made from completely clear BPA-free plastic.  The transparency helps you tell if pulp is accumulating inside the housing.  It also helps you tell if you are juicing too fast.  Juice will jump against the side of the wall then drain downward.  Juicing needs to be done slow enough so that juice has time to drain.



Blade / Juicing Technology

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The Breville Multi-Speed Ikon Juicer comes with the same titanium reinforced blade that the Juice Fountain Elite comes with.  It features 150 razor sharp cutting knives and a mesh filter with 40,000 pores.

It is extremely important to clean the filter properly so the juice yield will not deteriorate.  If it is not cleaned properly, juice yield will begin to deteriorate because very tiny bits of dried pulp clog the pores.  It is quite common to read people talking about how the juicer is “junk” because the juice yield deteriorated after 2 weeks of use.  This is a surefire sign that the filter is not being cleaned properly.  A scrubbing brush is included to help with this.  A clear sign that the filter is not being cleaned properly is if the pulp is more wet than it was when you first started using it.

This is what the owner’s manual says about keeping the filter clean:

Cleaning the Nutri Disc™ For consistent juicing results always ensure that the Nutri Disc™ is thoroughly cleaned using the supplied cleaning brush.

1. Soak the Nutri Disc™ in hot soapy water for approximately 10 minutes immediately after juicing is completed. If pulp is left to dry on the filter it may clog the fine pores of the filter mesh thereby lessening the effectiveness of the juicer.

2. Using the cleaning brush, hold the juice disc under running water and brush from the inside of the basket to the outer rim. Avoid touching the small sharp blades in the center of the Nutri Disc™.

After cleaning the Nutri Disc™, hold it up towards a light to ensure the fine mesh holes are not blocked. If the holes are blocked, soak the Nutri Disc™ in hot water with 10% lemon juice to loosen the blocked holes. Alternatively, wash the Nutri Disc™ in the dishwasher.

• Do not soak the Nutri Disc™ in bleach or other abrasive cleansers.

• Always treat the Nutri Disc™ with care as it can be easily damaged.

Please note above where it says,  “the Nutri Disc™ can be easily damaged and should be treated with care.”  It is important that the filter basket be kept clean between uses.

Final Note: More information about this will be included in the Dishwasher Safe section below, but there is a lot of mis-information about the Nutri Disc™ filter/cutting discs not being dishwasher safe.  I have confirmed with Breville that the Nutri Disc™ is indeed dishwasher safe.  The manual clearly states:

The Nutri Disc™ is dishwasher safe. (top shelf only).



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Easy Release Power CordThe cord is intentionally short to prevent anyone snagging it and causing an accident.  The cord also features an easy release plug, which I have never seen before in any appliance.

The Multi-Speed Ikon does come with in-unit cord storage.  Rather than retract, the cord wraps around the base and clips into place for easy storage.

The unit requires 110v and works in both 2 and 3 prong outlets (American models).


User Friendliness

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The Multi-Speed Ikon is about as easy to use as they come.  Assembly and disassembly is very straight forward.  No special tools are needed to take apart the cutting blades as is common in other centrifugal juicers.


  1. Attach the juice cover.


2. Insert the juice filter basket by simply aligning the arrows and pushing it firmly into place.

4442485257_6d412a6009_z (1)

3. Attach the top cover and close the safety locking arm.


4. Insert the pulp container in place.

4442485451_22f5bd1d3a_z (1)



Juicing Performance

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Does having multiple speeds make a difference when it comes to juice yield and juicing performance?

This is hard to gauge without conducting standardized testing.  The low speed of 6,500 RPM that is featured in all Breville models is still pretty fast.  The high speed is twice this speed, so the real question is “does having any medium speeds make a difference?”  I can only guess, but my guess is that this is a marketing driven feature.  If anyone has any evidence to the contrary I would love to hear it!  Please leave a comment.

Aside from the unique feature of having multiple speeds, all of Breville’s juicers excel at juicing efficiently and doing it with style and speed.

The Multi-Speed Ikon is no different.  In terms of convenience, it is fast.  There is some evidence that the motor is a bit weaker in this juicer than in other Breville models, but I have not been able to confirm that.  Either way, it is important not to push food through through pressing too hard which will cause unnecessary strain on the motor.  The harder the produce the more this becomes important.

Nut Butters: No.  The Breville owner’s manual clearly states that the model is only designed for fruits and vegetables.

Soft fruits and berries (black berries for example): Berries do represent a challenge.  Putting a small handful of berries in this juicer even at the low speed is not going to have a great result however I do have a solution that should work every time.

How to Juice Berries in The Breville Juice Fountain Multi-Sped Juicer

  1. Wrap the berries in a leaf (lettuce for example)
  2. Cut a large apple in half
  3. Place the first half of the apple in the chute and push it half way through the feed chute (not all the way through)
  4. Place the berries wrapped in a leaf into the feed chute opening (because the apple is also in the feed chute, it should stop the berries from falling through.)
  5. Place the second half of the apple on top of the berries.  (This is so the food pusher can press down on the apple, which will in turn press down on the berries ensuring that all the berries are firmly pushed against the cutting disc.)
  6. Push all of the ingredients slowly and steadily through the feed chute.

Why this works:

The food pusher, by design, can not extend all the way down to the cutting discs.  Any food that easily escapes the small gap between the food pusher and the cutting disc will not be processed and juiced.  As a result even harder items, such as apples, will juice all but the very last chunk, which will result in a loud thunking noise at times when the fast spinning disc launches that last chuck against the inside of the juicer.

Wheatgrass: The same steps that work for berries can be applied to wheat grass with one additional step to yield even more juice.  Simply follow the same steps above, but first soak the wheat grass in water.  Doing so will allow the cutting discs to shred the wheatgrass more effectively resulting in more juice.

How to Juice Wheatgrass in The Breville Juice Fountain Multi-Speed

  1. Soak the wheatgrass in water for 15 to 30 minutes (as little as 1 minute will work in a rush).
  2. Wrap the wheatgrass in a leaf (lettuce for example).
  3. Cut a large apple in half.
  4. Place the first half of the apple in the chute and push it half way through the feed chute (not all the way through).
  5. Place the wheatgrass wrapped in a leaf into the feed chute opening (because the apple is also in the feed chute, it should stop the wheatgrass from falling through).
  6. Place the second half of the apple on top.  (This is so the food pusher can press down on the apple, which will in turn press down on the wheatgrass ensuring that the whole bundle is firmly pushed against the cutting disc).
  7. Push all of the ingredients slowly and steadily through the feed chute.

Leafy Greens such as Kale: The same steps described above to juice items such as Kale with the exception that Leafy Greens can also be bunched up in a fairly large wad so a bottom “stopper” apple is not needed.  It is also extremely helpful to soak the greens in water first.  This results in a much better juice yield.  I think this is because dry greens are just smeared and rubbed by the cutting disc and then quickly ejected by the fast spinning before any juice can be extracted.

How to Juice Leafy Greens in The Breville Juice Fountain Multi-Speed

  1. Soak the greens in water for a few minutes.
  2. Wad the greens into a ball.  Use more than one leaf if necessary to do this.  Make sure the ball is big enough so it doesn’t fall through the feed chute, but instead requires you to use the food pusher to push it through.  Do not make the wad so big that it is too tight.  Never use excessive force.
  3. Place the wad of greens in the feed chute and push them half way through.
  4. Place an piece of produce (an apple for example) on top.
  5. Push all of the ingredients slowly through the feed chute.


Juice Yield:

Pulp is often a key indicator of how efficient a juicer is performing.  If the pulp is wet that means that the juicer is not doing its job very well.  Usually the Multi-Speed Ikon Juicer produces pretty dry pulp.

If the pulp becomes wet, especially if it was dry and becomes wet after a few weeks of use, this is a sure-fire sign that the mesh filter is clogged.  Keep in mind microscopic bits of dried pulp that only partially block the mesh pores are enough to deteriorate juice yield.  

Nutritional Quality:

Despite all the drama over fast moving blades creating heat and killing the living enzymes, these claims have no substance at all.

Studies even show that the spinning cutting blades in centrifugal juicers end up cooler after juicing that before because most of the produce put into the juicer originally was refrigerated.  The end result is that the juice from a centrifugal juicer was heated up at most 10 or 11 degrees fahrenheit.  The final temperature was not nearly high enough to damage living enzymes.

However, the true enemy of nutrition is oxidation.  Oxidation, not heat, is a significant enemy of juice nutrition.  Oxidation destroys vital nutrients and is what causes an apple to turn brown after you cut it.  All juicers have an oxidizing effect on juice but some juicer do oxidize less.  The Juice Fountain Multi-Speed and other Breville Juicers are not the worst offender when it comes to oxidation, but they are higher up on the list than any masticating juicer.  The easiest way to over come the problem of oxidation is to drink juice immediately after it is made!

Is juice from a Juice Fountain Multi-Speed more nutritious than store bought pasteurized juice?  Absolutely.  Pasteurized juice does use excessive heat that kills enzymes.  Making your own juice with any juicer is a much better than buying store-bought juice – especially if you use organic fruits and vegetables and keep them refrigerated until you are ready to juice them.



Clean Up

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BJE510XL Components

When it comes to clean up there are wildly mixed reviews.  Why?  Why do some people claim that the Multi-Speed is a “pain in the butt” to clean, yet others say it is “super easy” to clean?

I think there is a reason there are mixed reviews.  The Multi-Speed BJE510XL juicer, like all centrifugal juicers, slings pulp violently everywhere.  To be sure, pulp is slung within a closed system, but within that system the pulp goes everywhere.  This pulp rinses off easily enough if done so immediately after you’re finished juicing, but if the pulp has a chance to dry it becomes a pain in the butt to clean.  Parts must be cleaned immediately after use.  This also helps avoid stains from vegetables like carrots and beets.

A masticating juicer by contrast ejects the pulp neatly and with pretty much 100% efficiency into an external container.

So that would explain perfectly why some people think this juicer is a pain to clean and some believe it is very easy to clean.

Also as mentioned above the fiter basket (Nutri Disc™) does require extra attention and care.  See Blade / Juicing Technology above for specific information about this.

As long as these guidelines are followed, the Multi-Speed Ikon is extremely easy to clean.

Note: If you rinse off the the parts in your sink pulp will quickly build up and potentially clog your sink.  Be sure to use a some type of strainer over the drain to catch the pulp.



Dishwasher Safe?

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BJE510XL Dishwasher Parts

I have no idea why there is so much mis-information online regarding which parts are dishwasher safe.  Even Breville sometimes does not communicate this clearly to the spokes-people marketing their products.  Fore example, the picture above is taken from Breville’s Support flickr account.  All the items are on the top shelf as they should be, but the food pusher is not dishwasher safe.  It can and will melt if you put it in the dishwasher.

On the other hand, the Breville spokesmodel that displays many of the products in their videos once said that the Nutri Disc™ filter basket is not dishwasher safe, but this is not correct.  The Nutri-Disc™ is dishwasher safe on the top shelf only. 

Every part except the food pusher and motor base are dishwasher safe.  For more information and a complete table, see my article titled, Is The Breville Multi-Speed Ikon Dishwasher Safe?

Here is what the owner’s manual says specifically:

The filter bowl surround, juicer cover and pulp container are dishwasher safe. (top shelf only)



Manufacturer & Customer Service

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Breville makes excellent juicers for the general public, which of course is most people.  This is a top of the line juicer for the common household.  Most hardcore juicing enthusiasts will opt for a masticating juicer, but that type of juicer is a bit more labor intensive to use.

Breville products look great on the kitchen shelf.  There is not a better looking juicer out there to have in your kitchen.  Slick marketing campaigns go along with their sheik products, which is fine, because the products are high quality as well.

A lot of people comment that if they are going to pay over $200 for a juicer they want it to be perfect.  Again, these people are usually part of the general public and not hard core juicers.  It is not uncommon for a hydraulic press or single auger juicer to cost over $2,000.

Some have taken issue with the fact that the juicers are made in China and therefore they are “taking jobs away from America”, but Breville is an Australian company.

There is some anecdotal evidence in my research that the manufacturing process may be slightly inconsistent.  Every once in a while someone will report a very odd defect in their newly purchased Breville juicer.   Most often these reports seem like one-off manufacturing inconsistencies.  Furthermore, when the person exchanges the juicer the new juicer performs fine.

My advice would be to utilize your merchant’s return policy.  The Amazon policy allows you to get a refund, return, or even exchange the product for another product (the exchange more often applies to gifts that are still new in the box).

Another solution to this problem is to purchase the item at a store you trust so you can easily return the item in person for a new one.  I suggest Bed Bath and Beyond because they have a no questions asked return policy and with a coupon you can purchase the item for as cheap or cheaper than you could on Amazon.




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At 1 year, the Breville’s warranty for the Multi-Speed Ikon BJE510XL is one of the weaker warranties in the industry.  Other brands such as Omega and Vitamix have more extensive longer lasting warranties.  Many Vitamix products carry a 7 year warranty, though Vitamix does not manufacturer juice extractors.  New Omega products come with a 15 year warranty.

The Breville warranty specifically states,

Your Breville® product is covered by a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.
Should your Breville product have a defect in product material or workmanship within the first year of purchase, Breville will arrange to have your original product returned to us, and will deliver an identical or comparable replacement to you, free of charge.

You can purchase Amazon’s optional 3 year warranty to extend your coverage.  To get more coverage, you can purchase the warranty with a credit card that doubles the warranty.  For example purchasing the Amazon extended 3 year warranty with the Advanta Platinum Mastercard gives you a 6 year warranty.



Size & Dimensions

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One significant advantage on the win side of the column when it comes to the BJE510XL Ikon Juicer vs the 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite is the IKON Juicers’s shorter height despite it’s nearly identical juicing capacity.  This means that the Ikon Multi-Speed can fit under cabinets better (or inside cabinets).

The picture below illustrates this well.

The IKON Multi-Speed Juicer (left) is 16″ tall.  The Juice Fountain Elite (right) is approximately 17″ tall.


Breville 800JEXl Juice Fountain Elite in the Center
Pictured above: Juice Fountain Elite (center) next to a Breville Ikon Juicer (left).

Dimensions12 3/4″ W x 7″ D x 16″ H

Weight: approximately 13 pounds with a 20 pound shipping weight.



Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive.  There are some outlying “mystery” defects that surface from time to time which I cover in the last paragraphs of the section Manufacturer & Customer Service.  If you think you have received a defective unit, return it for a refund.  Those that did return their unit usually report receiving one that operated normally.

Most of the negative reviews, which are few and far between, either have to do with the cleaning (which is explained above in Clean Up) or are one of the unusual outlying comments about motor failure (which is covered above in Motor & Speeds).

Read Amazon Reviews


Pros & Cons

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product name prosPros:

  • Multiple Speeds may increase juice yield though this has not been tested.
  • The shape of the BJE510XL is the best juicer in the Breville line to accommodate using your own juice container.  This is especially important for those that want to avoid plastic containers.
  • Shorter Dimensions (relative to other Breville models) allow the BJE10XL to fit more easily under cabinets.
  • LCD Digital Display
  • Same titanium reinforced cutting disc that comes standard with the Juice Fountain Elite (an upgrade from the Juice Fountain Plus).
  • BPA Free Parts
  • Easy Assembly/Disassembly


product name consCons:

  • Circumstantial evidence of a weaker motor than other Breville models.
  • Lack of a circuit breaker reset switch standard in the Juice Fountain Elite, which means an overload may require that the base/motor has to be returned for servicing.
  • Slow speed is still quite fast creating significant foam and oxidation.  (Can be mitigated by drinking juice immediately after it is produced.)
  • 1 year warranty





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Breville® Juice Fountain Multi-Speed Juicer
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Brand Breville
Model#/MPN BJE510XL
Type of Juicer Centrifugal
Size of Feed Chute 3″ dia.
Juicing Speed 5 speeds from

Low 6,500 rpm
High 12,500 rpm

Motor 900 watts
Warranty 1 year limited warranty

12 3/4″ W x 7″ D x 16″ H

Weight 13 lbs  (20 lbs shipping weight)
Dishwasher Safe [icon color=”#00C800″ size=”16″ type=”icon-ok” unit=”px” ]
Juices Continuously [icon color=”#00C800″ size=”16″ type=”icon-ok” unit=”px” ]
Makes Nut Butters [icon color=”#c11200″ size=”16″ type=”icon-remove” unit=”px” ]
UPC 021614046567
Key Feature 5 speed centrifugal juicer with digital display and accommodating shape.
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