What I’m Not Supposed to Tell You

I hate 95% of all marketing and advertising.  I hate what it has done to our world.  I hate how it has cluttered up and cheapened our world.   Business seem to stop at nothing to tempt you out of your money.  It’s interests in profiting (from you) can run in the exact opposite direction of what is not only good for you, but also good for buidling healthy individuals, loving families, and safe homes.   I realized I could not form a business and be proud of the man I am if I did business the way it is traditionally done.  I sensed that there had to be a better way – a way that did not involve me just going out and getting paid and employing people in mind numbing work and turning into a boring person that got into media budgets and return on investment.   Was there a better way?  

Simpler Times.

On the dock

There was a time when my life was simple and clear and full of grace and peaceThis is me at my grandfather’s house in the summer when I was mabye about 11 years old.  If you look closely you can see my grandfather in the very left.  My cousin Mandy is fishing too.  Mandy is my mom’s sister’s daughter.  She lives just a few miles from my grandparents.  She was born in the country.  I was visiting from the big city and lived several states away.   It was heaven.

My grandfather was a retired saw mill man and my grandmother was a retired school teacher.  This is my grandmother inspecting the muscadine vines that grew along the fence to one of their gardens. 

Grandma and Butter

During those summers home-making and cooking and cleaning and setting the table and making ice cream and shelling peas and visiting with company and watching baseball – all that was brand new to me.  It was nothing short of a loving family and it, they, did nothing short of save my life.  

I can look at this picture and hear the cicadas, the whiz of the fishing line spooling out, the “kerplunk” when the it hits water.  Simple.  Magical.  I thought then it was the being out in the country that I loved.  That was definitely part of it, but mostly I loved it out there because I was deeply loved. 

My grandparents and my aunt’s family truly loved me.  Without them I may have gone down a dark path – a city path you only find in the city.  

A family must first love, respect and be civil to one another, but after that, to truly thrive, a family must have a place to be a family in and carry out family rituals.  The more clean and wholesome that place is, the more love can blossom.  

I cherish the love that I have been given and I absolutely cherish, time I spent (and still get to spend) with my family in Arkansas.

Towing Mandy and Brad

This was a great example of my grandfather finding fun things for us to do just for the sake of it.  Lawnmower trailer rides!  As the slightly senior kid, I got to drive.  

I can not imagine what my life would be like if I had not had these experiences to grow from. 

When I became a big believer in the power of a loving kind family, I became a big believer in the power of the home  – the power of a house.  The power of the living room, dining room table, uno games, places to sit, and yes the kitchen!

Here in my barefeet at the height of summer in Arkasas, my grandfather is teaching me something about fishing.  I can not think of a time when I felt richer and yet I had no money and hardly any possessions.  

Fishing Lesson

Well that’s my story.  I am enjoying this endeavor and I hope it is helpful and inspiring.  I would love to hear from you.  Thank you.  Jim